Monday, 2 May 2011

Now I know better!

So many things have happened lately that I am not sure where to begin! First off, let's talk Jerrin..
     Jerin has been doing really well in school even though he insists on only getting 4 stickers so he can play the Wii. He has been having some issues with Ben being gone so much so we implemented a sticker book where if he is nice to his friends and teachers then he would get 4 stickers. When this turned into a success we decided to add on another sticker so he can have 5 stickers if he was nice AND he was using his words to communicate instead of just crying and act up if things didn't go his way. The 5th sticker would mean a surprise, his favorite dinner, or some popcorn or candy or something special. We are still working on it lol
     Kristofer...well he is still not completely sleeping through the night and have change things a little bit so I am hoping that he will start sleeping through the night and so will I...Things are so much better when I am happy :)
     Ben is on travel again this week AND next week AND the week after...Yeap, I am back to being a single/married woman again. The traveling is really getting to us and we can't fully be a family with so much traveling. I keep thinking to myself that once the other person joins the Embassy the travel load will be less intense but one can only hope! Even though what I do best is bitch and complain, I can't really do much to change things. Next time I know better....I will do a little more research into the posts when we get the new bid list next year and I will ONLY choose posts that have little to NO travel...That would be IDEAL!!

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