Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Bidding list is out with great countries

but I am not happy with them! What is wrong with me? Most people would kill for the opportunity to visit, France, Germany, Israel, Poland, Australia, Ukraine, Norway, China, Austria, Turkey,   and such but here I am upset I have been given these countries. Being an FS spouse is not an easy task and I didn't have expectations that it would be to be honest. But the high volume of travel my husband has been doing is starting to get to me, especially now that I got news that September and October will be 2 months combined to 1 month. Looks like he will be gone for 1 month during the middle of September until the middle of October.
I was hoping that our bid list would be filled with great countries, which it is, some of which have substantially less traveling than here in Ottawa...I can think of 4 out of the 12 countries we got..ONLY 4 that I want to bid on....Is that even possible? I guess I should wait for hubby to come home so we can actually talk about the list and the possibilities and then go from there...Oy the life of Foreign Service is not as glamorous and it sounds....Saying we are Diplomats give people the impression that we are something of high standard and attend parties and meet famous people...Ha that's definitely NOT what we are about...
Off to go figure out what we'll eat for dinner tonight :)

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