Wednesday, 15 June 2011

School's out for the summer!

Yeap, you read it right, today is the last day of school for Jerrin! No more waking up at 7:30 am scrambling to make breakfast or cereal or milk, change diapers and clothes and be out the door by 8:30! No more moaning and growing and fighting... Yeap I live in dream land because that may very well happen several days throughout the summer. But if I can't hope then what do I have left?

I am not a big fan of taking the kids out and letting them run loose. I would much rather stay in the comfort of my home, in front of my computer screen than having to deal with the constant crying and fussing because I said no! Yeap better safe than sorry I say..But will my children be deprived of all the fun activities that Ottawa has to offer? I don't think so! There is always the weekends when hubby is home with us! Most activities seem to be happening during the weekends since most people have work during the weekdays. The Embassy I would imagine, will be doing some fun activities too during the summer holidays! My kids are young almost 2 and 6 so I don't think they will be missing much.

Jerrin is comfortable playing the Wii all day long and riding his bike. He is happy no matter what he does. I have asked 2-3 mom's I am comfortable with, to get my information from the book the school has given out, and call or email me if they ever want to get together and have playdates! I also have a good friend who I have known for years through an online community, who happens to be living here in Ottawa so I am pretty sure we will be doing some things during the summer! Will have to convince hubby to either get an outdoor playground or a small swimming pool! My boys will think they are in heaven :)

Well that's all for now. I have 3 followers bless their hearts, and I do apologize to them for not keeping up with the blog! Until later.....

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