Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Bidding list is out with great countries

but I am not happy with them! What is wrong with me? Most people would kill for the opportunity to visit, France, Germany, Israel, Poland, Australia, Ukraine, Norway, China, Austria, Turkey,   and such but here I am upset I have been given these countries. Being an FS spouse is not an easy task and I didn't have expectations that it would be to be honest. But the high volume of travel my husband has been doing is starting to get to me, especially now that I got news that September and October will be 2 months combined to 1 month. Looks like he will be gone for 1 month during the middle of September until the middle of October.
I was hoping that our bid list would be filled with great countries, which it is, some of which have substantially less traveling than here in Ottawa...I can think of 4 out of the 12 countries we got..ONLY 4 that I want to bid on....Is that even possible? I guess I should wait for hubby to come home so we can actually talk about the list and the possibilities and then go from there...Oy the life of Foreign Service is not as glamorous and it sounds....Saying we are Diplomats give people the impression that we are something of high standard and attend parties and meet famous people...Ha that's definitely NOT what we are about...
Off to go figure out what we'll eat for dinner tonight :)

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

School's out for the summer!

Yeap, you read it right, today is the last day of school for Jerrin! No more waking up at 7:30 am scrambling to make breakfast or cereal or milk, change diapers and clothes and be out the door by 8:30! No more moaning and growing and fighting... Yeap I live in dream land because that may very well happen several days throughout the summer. But if I can't hope then what do I have left?

I am not a big fan of taking the kids out and letting them run loose. I would much rather stay in the comfort of my home, in front of my computer screen than having to deal with the constant crying and fussing because I said no! Yeap better safe than sorry I say..But will my children be deprived of all the fun activities that Ottawa has to offer? I don't think so! There is always the weekends when hubby is home with us! Most activities seem to be happening during the weekends since most people have work during the weekdays. The Embassy I would imagine, will be doing some fun activities too during the summer holidays! My kids are young almost 2 and 6 so I don't think they will be missing much.

Jerrin is comfortable playing the Wii all day long and riding his bike. He is happy no matter what he does. I have asked 2-3 mom's I am comfortable with, to get my information from the book the school has given out, and call or email me if they ever want to get together and have playdates! I also have a good friend who I have known for years through an online community, who happens to be living here in Ottawa so I am pretty sure we will be doing some things during the summer! Will have to convince hubby to either get an outdoor playground or a small swimming pool! My boys will think they are in heaven :)

Well that's all for now. I have 3 followers bless their hearts, and I do apologize to them for not keeping up with the blog! Until later.....

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Sarah 3G

Sarah 3G

As soon as I laid my eyes on this little girl, I fell in love with her! I wanted to take her away from there and into my home, I wanted to hold her and tell her that she is mine and I will never let her go! Oh how I wish I was able to do that! Having a little girl of my own has been a lifelong dream, one that I thought I would make true when I started having children. But God had other plans for me! He sent me 2 gorgeous little guys who I love more than life itself and that I would give my life for! I find myself going to Sarah's page every day hoping that she will be moved from the available to the Found my family page! It's a shame she is still there, she will make a family blessed beyond imagination with her presence! Makes me sad to think of all the night she has spent and has continued to spent alone with no one to take her for a walk, no one to brush her hair, tuck her in and read her a bedtime story. Breaks my heart :(

What do I do with 2 hours by myself?

That is the big question! Kristofer will be starting school come September and I will have about 2 hours to myself! He will be part time 2x a week for 2.5 hours! It takes about 30 minutes round trip to the school and back which leaves me with 2 hours to myself. Enough for me to come home, check my emails and work on my farms and eat breakfast! That's about it I think lol I think this will be a great opportunity for him to go to school and interact with others kids and run wild! Hopefully this will mean that he will sleep better at night and release all that energy a 2 year old has! He will be at the same school Jerrin is so I have no doubt that Jerrin would want to go visit him often if it's acceptable by the school and teachers!

I was going to sign up for some classes in the neighborhood but the schedule doesn't come out until later this year so I will have to wait and see if there is something I can do without the kids! Usually their programs are with kids in mind and most of the classes offer child care! Time will tell if this was the right decision for me, I know it is for Kristofer so I hope he really likes it!

Monday, 2 May 2011

Now I know better!

So many things have happened lately that I am not sure where to begin! First off, let's talk Jerrin..
     Jerin has been doing really well in school even though he insists on only getting 4 stickers so he can play the Wii. He has been having some issues with Ben being gone so much so we implemented a sticker book where if he is nice to his friends and teachers then he would get 4 stickers. When this turned into a success we decided to add on another sticker so he can have 5 stickers if he was nice AND he was using his words to communicate instead of just crying and act up if things didn't go his way. The 5th sticker would mean a surprise, his favorite dinner, or some popcorn or candy or something special. We are still working on it lol
     Kristofer...well he is still not completely sleeping through the night and have change things a little bit so I am hoping that he will start sleeping through the night and so will I...Things are so much better when I am happy :)
     Ben is on travel again this week AND next week AND the week after...Yeap, I am back to being a single/married woman again. The traveling is really getting to us and we can't fully be a family with so much traveling. I keep thinking to myself that once the other person joins the Embassy the travel load will be less intense but one can only hope! Even though what I do best is bitch and complain, I can't really do much to change things. Next time I know better....I will do a little more research into the posts when we get the new bid list next year and I will ONLY choose posts that have little to NO travel...That would be IDEAL!!

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Will this ever end?

Night after night I keep thinking that tonight is the night I am going to enjoy some time alone, watch a little bit of TV and then go to bed! I will wake up renewed and refreshed but the night comes and goes and that never happens. What would cause an 18 month old to wake up in the middle of the night and stay up, it's a mystery to me.
It has been happening for a little over a month now and I can't seem to find a way to over come this. Took him to the Dr's, gave him medication, dropped the afternoon nap but nothing is helping. He keeps waking up and crying and crying and crying until he throws up. And I spend at least 30 minutes cleaning up everything and the house still stinks like throw up :(
At this point, I am getting desperate and I am willing to try just about anything to save my sanity!! Will this ever end? Can anyone answer me that?

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Middle of the week!

Wednesday has arrived finally! Just 3 more days until the weekend and then Jerrin starts back at school on Monday! He has been home for 2 weeks and this week didn't start off right. Ben left Monday for a 9 day trip to Calgary and Vancouver! Trying to be a mother and a father at the same time has been rough but we managed somehow. From trying to figure out what to eat, taking the trash out, keeping the house clean....Well not doing a very good job at keeping the house clean, never have been much of a domestic diva! Life would have been a lot easy if I had a cleaning lady once a week to clean my house but that's not going to happen on this post so maybe next one? Wishful thinking on my behalf I guess :)